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Recumbent Bicycles: Faster And More Relaxing
Many bike speed records have been broken by recumbent bikes. Recumbent bicycles were banned from international racing in the year 1934 and they havenít seen widespread use until during the 20th Read more...
I Love Exercise Bicycles
I love exercise bicycles. I have been using one every day for the last ten years. I currently have four exercise bicycles in my house and use the three that work all the time. I have found that Read more...
Advice About Bicycle Insurance
I thought that I needed to insure my bicycle against theft. Iíve heard that bikes get stolen every day in my city and I want bicycle insurance to cover my investment. I am very careful about Read more...
The Best Kinds of Bicycle Shops
I love bikes. Bicycles of every shape, color, type and size will draw me like a fly to honey, so it took me a few years to discover that I do have a preference for particular kinds of bicycle Read more...
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Mountain bikers arrive for first guided holidays of the season
After a monster day yesterday, the mountain bikers were still surprisingly up for some more punishment. I thought that by going to the Animal Park and then maybe Nose Breaker it would give him the option of bailing out if they were too battered. A tough road climb later, all with the rather nice view that you see here, and it was lunch. After lunch and a rather fine lesson in Alpine descending he decided they weren't done for the day so off it was to the beast of a fire road to nose breaker. A rather tired Jean-Marc got to the top of the climb and readied himself for the descent. A good job the old boy had some body armour on, he luckily didn't reinforce the name of the trail but after his riding, it could be renamed, 'rolling around in stingers not knowing why you fell off trail', but it doesn't quite roll off the tongue though! Cake and coke soon revitalised him back at the chalet, that combined with a sauna had him looking forward to the next mountain bike ride on Thursday.
Mountain bike holiday fun in the week of the exploding bike tyres
The start of week two started off with a big bang. Well three in fact, Robins Stans No Tube set up was giving him some problems after the plane journey so he slapped a couple of tubes into his wheels instead. Bang one was before we left the chalet, his tyre exploding, showering him with latex sealant, nice. Fifteen minutes into the ride and it was the turn of bang two, leaving his inner tube in shreads. That fixed ten seconds later and his other tyre blew off the rim, nearly giving one of the local OAPs a heart attack! Deciding to bail at this point, Robin and Leighann went home and contemplate the complex structures of air retaining structures. Steve, Simon, John and myself continued on the valley ride with the Brevent extension, a cheeky little loop that adds... (Continued on the website).